Here you can find all that your Gamer Mind is Looking For.


I offer mega discount if you buy/license all my games or buy in large quantities!

Full list:!392&authkey=!AL_lwazj3gs7dmI&ithint=file%2cdocx

If you’re looking to buy android/ios game templates then you have come to the right place.

We have: more than 150 quality android/ios game templates.

We offer: a large spectrum of games:

  • modern action/shooter games
  • puzzle
  • card games (poker, blackjack, solitaire)
  • classic remakes (tetris, minesweeper, brick), spot the difference, jigsaw
  • and many more.

Our games:

  • are cross platform and run fluently with 60 fps and all modern devices
  • have integrated multiple ad networks like Admob, Chartboost, iAd,.
  • have Gamecenter/Google play services SDK integrated with Leadearboards, Achievements etc.
  • have In-app-purchase option to remove ads
  • have a rate pop up.
  • have a share score function on Facebook, Twitter, email, Whatsapp, Google+, etc
  • also work in modern desktop browsers(html5 version)
  • are available for licensing as a html5 game or as a source code buy for android or/and iOS.

Test all games by clicking/taping the icons below.


vampiresiconairplanehijackericon basketballicon bouncebulletsicon busrider flappyshapesicon matcharrangericon planethopper smacktheballicon topdownsoccericon


Comments on: "Html5-games" (5)

  1. Hi Mihai,

    I am very interested in buying these games. Just a few questions to check with you:

    1. Are all the games mobile games and compatible to all popular screen size
    2. Are they all support Construct 2 and can be played offline
    3. Will all the source codes be provided.

    Looking forward to your reply.



    • Mihai Morosanu said:

      Hello Johannes,
      Thank you for your interest.
      Yes, all the games can be played on mobile devices, they adjust size to fit any screen. All the games are made with Construct 2 so they can be played offline.
      I will provide the source code for each game as a capx file.
      In order to buy the games you can use the above button or simply transfer 1999$ to my paypal email:
      If you have additional questions we can have a chat on skype: mihai.morosanu.
      Looking forward for your order.


  2. Hi Mihai,

    I need to make the games playable offline in my apk platform. So I need to condition the games and host them in my server. Are you able to make this for me as well for some of the games? How much will you charge me for each game for this service?

    Look forward to your reply in advance.



  3. Hello Mihai
    Your links are not validated, now.
    Do you have all source codes?
    Also can you make this on Mobile version?(iOS, Android, WinPhone)

    • Mihai Morosanu said:

      Hello Dove,
      Unfortunately Dropbox removed rendering web pages do I have to find another way to host my game links.
      Yes I have the source codes and I can make mobile version for each game.

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